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DJ Angus aka Bribe $ @ Candee Flip 26 01 2008 (Rest In Peace 1969-2008)

This Mix was recorded live @ Candee Flip 26 01 2008... unfortunately his last recording ever.

Scene Magazine excerpt:


"Angus Galloway, aka DJ Angus / DJ Bribe / Kid CC passed away aged 38 on February 5, 2008. He was one of Australia's most respected DJs and turntablists, a pioneer for the Brisbane electronic music scene.

Coming to prominence as hip hop DJ Bribe in the late 80s, Angus had phenomenal talent on the turntables and soon rose to prominence, battling and beating Australia's and some of the world's best. His hip hop talents were namechecked by Flavor Flav on record and during a supporting gig for the greats Public Enemy, Flavor called him out from off stage for special attention.
His ability to mix hip hop, disco and funk was world-respected, and he translated his appeal further through his transition into the world of electronic music in the early 1990s. At the helm of the then burgeoning Brisbane dance scene, the name 'DJ Angus' became associated with some of the seminal moments in Brisbane clubbing. Resident at the Beat Nightclub during its heyday, he then moved to the famous Tube in 1995 and proceeded to play all around Australia, wowing the nation as he went. He was regarded by many as the best DJ they have ever seen.

After recently returning from living in Melbourne to his beloved Brisbane, Angus was working with the hip hop group the Offensive Linesmen and played his last ever set at the Candee Flip party @ The Step Inn on Australia Day 2008. His last set was classic Angus as the early and mid 90s dance scene remembers him - fluid, dynamic, and nothing short of inspirational.

Remembered most fondly for his amazing scratching, Angus impressed visiting international DJs (and usually outshone them). John Digweed was so impressed, he asked Angus to lay down some scratches then used them for his stunning 1997 Bedrock remix of React 2 Rhythm's 'Intoxication'.

Along the way Angus touched innumerable lives and inspired legions of DJs, many of whom form the upper echelons of Australia's current crop. He could also count many of the world's top DJs and producers as personal friends. This was down to both his charismatic nature and his love of quality music across multiple genres. Everything from 70s funk, disco, house and more, to breakbeat, techno and hardcore rave. If there was a good record released, Angus had it - and usually two copies!
The hip hop and dance communities respectively, whilst shocked, have rallied together in their universal praise for his achievements. The internet especially has been a hive of activity with people across the globe universally expressing their sadness for the loss of a great. On a personal note, he was an inspiration, a mentor and loyal friend.

A memorial to Angus will be held at Centenary Memorial Gardens, 353 Wacol Station Rd Sumner at 10am on Wednesday February 13, 2008.

Sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans. He will be sorely missed."

Cosmo Cater
Quote from Scene magazine 2008.

Listen / Download and Enjoy DJ Angus on the mix @ Candee Flip 26 01 2008

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