Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in '88

Vapors *Australia's Premiere "Hip Hop" Magazine - Issue #1
This is a Hip Hop Mag/Fanzine I (Myme One aka Tha Wizid Ov Oz aka Treva aka Trevvie Trev aka Trevor Sutcliffe) worked on, from 1988 with Blaze founder of Vapors, and a few other dedicated people.
I did a number of things including,Photography, Layout/Design, Typesetting and Bromiding from Issue #2.

P.S This is possibly the world's first Hip Hop fanzine/magazine, published in June 1988.(If anybody knows of any earlier? Let us know.) Phase 2 had his hand in the publishing game early on also with NYC-IGT/Subway Sons? Newspaper stylee, late 80's.
P.P.S: Stay tuned for new mixes soon...

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