Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tracklist 07/03/08

Akrobatik feat. Chuck D - Kindred
The Futures - Ain't Got Time Fa Nothing
Maynard Ferguson - Soar Like An Eagle
MFSB - Love Is The Message
Eddie Bo - Check Your Bucket
Jolz feat. Raph - Seaside Serenade
London Posse - How's Life In London?
Mista Savona feat Mona Lisa - Cool Up
Main Source - Just Hanging Out
Sir Mix A-Lot - My Hooptie
K-Solo - Fugitive

Jase - Skareb
Urthboy- Don't Come Around (instrumental)
Prowla - 1,2 Drop A Verse
APEX - Cavity Search
Solomon Kleptoe - Love For Life
Bias B - Back In '88 Part 2
Outbound - Alcoholic Drinks
Loko One - Cheeky Rovira
Senor Fluff - Fine MuthaFucka

DJ Myme 01 & Loko One Freestyle Funk mix (Funky shit from all over the world) - no tracklisting available

Part One: Size 13 mix
Part Two: Oz mix/Mic break
Part Three: Myme01 and Loko one freestyle funk mix

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Ivan said...

Hey brotha: I was wondering if you could send me the full version to "Hey What's That You Say" by Wood, Brass & Steel... (I know you've got it)

Props if you can hook it up. Just drop it in my site's cBox if you can:


(I'm trying to compile a new sample set with that one!)